About Us

DAR Global is a fintech ecosystem builder (B2B and B2C) in a mission to become a global leader

DAR HQ- Close to the St. Plechelmuskerk, we are building digital innovations!

The values that guide us

Advancing Humanity

Every project/ venture we start is aimed at providing an advancement to humanity (our users), to better their lives through digital means

Positive Disruption

Our approach is not to evolve current products/ideas but to provide a disruptive edge in benefit of humanity

Community Driven

Our focus is on building strong communities so that leverage and interaction can become a means to improve conditions and lives of our customers


Create a world where both our real and digital souls are enriched and fulfilled.

Our Goal

  • Build 3-4 new projects every year across our different clusters…
  • With the aspiration of creating fintech ecosystem unicorns
  • Reach +15 million users in 3 years time across our different products and services
Our Story

Evolution & Journey



2020- onwards

DAR as infrastructure and connectivity focus (early ecosystem)


Alidar Utemuratov establishes company. Focus: Infrastructure and connectivity through strategic partners (e.g. VEON) in Kazakhstan and CIS. Early steps of ecosystem build up through servicing and telecom related companies (i.e. TNS+, 2Day telecom, VOLS, Radix, BMK, etc)


Digital transition – Fintech and tech focus


Alidar Utemuratov and team realize that connectivity is stagnating and growth is being shifted towards digital. Company starts exploration of multiple digital verticals (i.e. Fintech, e-commerce, enterprise agility, SON, mobility, content production, etc)

DAR becomes a major shareholder of Cellwize – an Israel company specializing in the development of solutions for optimizing mobile operators.

DAR Tech is created (in-house technical and commercial capabilities company; seed to Venture Building)

Modular approach to fintech ecosystem

2020- onwards

After learning from the earlier stages (ecosystem building and digital exploration with focus on Fintech ecosystems), DAR embarks in full realization of its capabilities (technical, commercial and corporate governance).

  • Developed ecosystem verticals approach and capabilities (core, enabler and booster) – aimed at enhancing Fintech (core cluster)
  • Fine tuned the modular ‘virtual LEGO’ builder approach (modular and proprietary technical platforms to build multiple and flexible fintech ecosystem products)
  • Launched a set of projects(B2C, B2B, B2B2C) worldwide (+10)
Our Founder

Alidar Utemuratov

A leader with over 25 years of international business experience, Alidar works alongside the leadership team to define and articulate the company’s long-term strategy. Alidar plays a key role in ensuring that the company’s values are upheld, and its unique culture is preserved.

A leader with over 25 years of international business experience, Paras works alongside...

We are few

Our Team

Steve Baker
Borja Lopez

Partner and Group CSO

Steve Baker
Bolat Sadykulov

Co-founder and CEO

Steve Baker
Chingiz Ramazan

Co-founder and CEO

Steve Baker
Laura Kalymbekova

Co-founder and CEO


We’ve outlined opportunities for impact

Our Opening Positions

Our company culture is geared to creating a work environment that allows our employees to develop their ideas and fulfil their passion for creating great products Our company culture is geared to creating a work environment that allows our.

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